Communication, Capitalism, Social Change


Tatiana Mazali presents in Zagabria Digital inequality and labour transformations. The need to take digital competencies into account to secure a decent work, during the international conference Communication, Capitalism and Social Change dell’ESA / RN18, European Sociological Association / Research Network Sociology of Communications and Media Research.

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Smart Space


Progress works Workshop within the European Smart Space Project aimed at SMEs in the mechanical, textile, chemical and wood sectors to reinforce the demand for digital technologies and eco-innovation procedures for processes and products.
Organized by CSP, the meeting was moderated by Annalisa Magone.


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School of Industrial Relations


It is held today the sixth session of the course of the School of Industrial Relations organized in Rome by the Diario del Lavoro and the Unit of Research “Work and organization” of the Department of Social and Economic Science of the University La Sapienza of Rome.


Title of the session is The work that changes and the speakers are Annalisa Magone and Antonio Sansone, union Fim Cisl Piemonte Secretary general.

Digital Italy Summit 2017


Three days of discussions on digital transformation of economy, society and the Italian public administration, with meetings and workshops, and 100 speaker among economists, leaders of big companies, politicians, academics and experts.

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Quattro.Zero Lab


First appointment of the series of lessons Quattro.Zero Lab, centered on Industry 4.0 and opened to 25 industrial unions managers.


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alpes|lab:piemonte | 2


Second appointment of the training cycle Alpes | Lab: Piemonte, the workshop for spatial planning and environment operators of Regione Piemonte, within the framework of the Alpine Space programme community.

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Work 4.0. Policies, enterprise, skills, participation


The conference Work 4.0. Policies, enterprise, skills, participation, organized by Cisl Piemonte in Turin (Teatro Vittoria, ore 10-13) to explore the interactions between Industry 4.0 new national policies and the need to find out measures and resources dedicated to training, to respond to a rapidly changing labour market.

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Macbeth | Decision conference


Last appointment of the Macbeth laboratory, involving a group of operators and decision makers of the Turin area in the evaluation of a portfolio of health policies, through a methodology and an automatic tool of decision analysis, in ordete to display dynamically the results of the discussion.


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Webinar | Ial Fvg | 3


Roberta De Bonis Patrignani among the speakers invited by Ial Friuli Venezia Giulia to the Sharing3Fvg webinar cycle. Within the Culture, creativity and tourism section, she presented an analysis of the changes in the tourism demand, with a focus on the characteristics of the new tourist and the impact that technological innovation has on the entire travel experience and on marketing strategies (web marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing …).

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Industry, work and innovation


tono participates in the National Forum of Industry, Labor and Innovation, organized by Cgil in Turin. Articulated into three working groups, the Forum will be attended by over 100 guests from all Italian regions, to discuss industry 4.0.

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