Increasing knowledge and resources in support of policies promoting health and social equality is the goal of a family of European projects that always more frequently sees the city of Turin among the experimental projects of Community interest. Among them is the EuroHealthy project – Shaping European Policies to Promote Health Equity, a three-year project supported by fifteen partners, including several universities and public consortiums specialized on health issues.


The Alpine Space Program is a European transnational cooperation program that provides a framework for facilitating cooperation between the major economic, social and environmental actors in seven Alpine countries, as well as between different institutional levels: universities, public administrations, firms and the world of innovation. The program – funded by the ERDF and the partner Countries – invests 139 million euros in the period 2014-2020 for projects focused on problems common to the Alpine areas.

Meridee | Projects from the South

A participatory design atelier promoted by the Unipol Regional Councils and open to 100 operators of enterprises, representations, cultural institutions, public administrations, philanthropy, third sector and civil society from 8 southern regions. The programme has been a circumstance to stimulate the operational comparison on 6 topics of common interest, keys to sustainable development.


Workshops for operators of social and urban policies, to share research data, and planning and organizational experiences. Organized by Torino Nord Ovest as part of a European project, Mindmap involving 13 cities and aiming to condition the future of social policies.

Smile (Sorriso)

Sorriso (Smile) is an acronym for living lab on Storage and renewable sources in residential units and state school buildings, a research and innovation project winner of the Piedmont Region IOD (Internet of Data) tender, financed with European funds, aimed at prototyping an innovative technology system capable of monitoring, evaluating and increasing the efficiency of energy consumption.


Almanac, Reliable smart secure internet of things for smart cities, is an European project for research and innovation, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) into the Smart Cities Programme that is geared to find solutions to the next twenty years problems of the world.

Welfare plurale

Plural welfare is a series of seminars to study and discuss the issues of welfare for the near future, open to union and industry operators.

Faber. When creativity meets enterprise

Faber is a contest and a professional exhibition where supply and demand meet, for young professionals and businesses in digital creativity. The project is part of the development initiatives for the productive and entrepreneurial fabric of Piedmont, with particular attention to the chain of creative industries.

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