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Psa Factory Booster

torinonordovest contributed to in the design of the marketing and strategic communication plan for the launch of the Factory Booster, the accelerator inaugurated on September 15, 2017 by Psa, the automotive group that includes Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall …


Istituto Superiore Mario Boella is a research and innovation centre operating in the ICT domain. Founded in 2000 in Turin, ISMB relies on the technological and process competences of around 150 researchers working in close cooperation with companies, academia and public administration. Since 2012 ISMB’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy document highlights the impact of the research projects in term of contribution to the social, economic and environmental improvement for all the Institute’s stakeholders, including the local community.


Enterprises are radically changing their strategic programs related to innovation, both for the growing complexity of technologies and organisational methods, and for the development of new communication channels to access the specialist knowledge. Inwibe is a start-up specialised in the analysis and design of innovation programs concerning technology and organisational methods for large companies; headquartered in Paris, their development program is very challenging.

Unipol Meeting | 2015

Unipol Regional Councils were born in the ’70s to promote the image, identity and the social mission of Unipol at the local level. The 5th National Assembly, held in Bologna on January 21th 2016, represented a radical change in business practices, introducing outstanding differences from the point of view of general objectives, format, participating audience and regarding the exploitation of digital technologies.


Smart Energy, Smart City, and Smart Health are the three Strategic Programs through which the research center Istituto Superiore Mario Boella promotes its interdisciplinary research activities focused on process innovation in knowledge-intensive sectors, where environmental and social sustainability is the driving force – energy, urban development and healthcare. From the 30th of November to the 4th of December, Smart&Social will promote ISMB Strategic Programs.


A company founded in the early twentieth century, Aurora is the leading Italian manufacturer of fountain pens. In 2015 the company embarked on a major cultural project involving the creation of a performative museum dedicated to pens and writing, on this occasion publishing its first social budget, edited by Torino Nord Ovest.

Torino Wireless

On the eve of a change of perspective concerning the world of public policy supporting research, innovation and entrepreneurship, committed to accelerate the transformation of enterprises from Piedmont in the world of ICT, Torino Wireless, established in 2003, is a public-private agency which promotes the development of Piedmontese businesses in the ICT world, through coaching and support for taking part in public tenders for research and technological innovation.

Torino Social Innovation | phase 1

The term social innovation defines a set of strategies, ideas, innovations and tools designed to meet emerging social needs in different fields, from education to work, from mobility to quality of life, from health to social inclusion.

Wcm. Rethinking factory, reorganizing work

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is one of the most used methods. Its goal is to rapidly improve company performance by introducing two main vehicles: the reduction of waste and the full involvement of staff.
In the Turin area, starting with Fiat, there are significant experiences of WCM introduction and implementation.