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Increasing knowledge and resources in support of policies promoting health and social equality is the goal of a family of European projects that always more frequently sees the city of Turin among the experimental projects of Community interest. Among them is the EuroHealthy project – Shaping European Policies to Promote Health Equity, a three-year project launched in January 2015 and supported by fifteen partners, including several universities and public consortiums specialized on health issues (members of the Turin area are Csi Piemonte and Asl Torino 3). The aim of the project is to develop a population health index, supported by a public cartography, available on the web.




Within the project, the City of Turin is a pilot area, to study a structured model to stimulate consensus between decision-makers and stakeholders, on the most profitable actions resulting at the same time more achievable in terms of improving the health of citizens.

This activity belongs to a specific action-line of the project, which employs an automatic decision analysis tool, Macbeth, in order to dynamically visualize the results of a comparison, helping the discussant to make mindful decisions, capable of prefiguring the outcomes of the different choices. Exchange and sharing activity is carried out following an established methodology that ends with a decision conference: a lab between operators aimed at making decisions by measuring their effects.

The Turin laboratory, along with its twin that occurred in Lisbon, will bring the two cities and their witnesses to the project’s European renown: indeed the recommendations that will emerge from the participants on how to guide policies to reduce health inequality will be presented to the European institutions and to the public, in Brussels, on 22 November 2017.

The project continues the activities carried out under European research project Mindmap.


torino nord ovest  carries out stakeholder engagement activities for the implementation of the conference decision.


/Period 2016

/Partner Università di Torino, Asl To3


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Mindmap, the project