torino nord ovest is a social enterprise and a centre carrying out research, consultancy, evaluation and proposal activities in the economic research field. As a centre for processing applied science and circulating ideas, it seeks to enhance qualified information about major issues in the public agenda. It promotes exchanges between public and private sectors in projects with blurring borders and shared interests, anchoring them in the production of original data, out-of-the box analysis and peculiar points of view.


The centre provides snapshot views of a plurality of aspects and sectors: economics, labour market, welfare, new and existing professions, innovations in the manufacturing sector, smart and social economies. Its first focus is the Northern West region of Italy, which is home to some of the most productive and innovative forces in the country. The centre also extends its view on other national and European areas, especially where local, regional or European-wide Programs of Research and Innovation foster new cooperations and areas of development. The analysis’ strongpoints are: the development dynamics seen as an interpretative key to understand changes within urban areas, and the investigation about the reciprocal relationship between social and economic phenomena.


The four main areas of activity are: applied research, design ateliers on public institution governance and innovation in private and public affairs, assessment of the maturity of companies and public institutions in the area of social responsibility, popularisation of the public debate and dissemination of innovation by means of conventions and publishing activities.


torino nord ovest was born in 2010 as a company aiming at creating an applied research center. It is managed by planners and designers able to attract a large variety of expertise owners, qualified to be merged into diverse teams, then steered by the centre into well-defined projects. It is now a company known for its great networking ability, and its capability to leverage project value at any stage, from fund raising to the spreading of the project results.




Non-executive Member Committee / Vittorio Brillada, Fiamma Ferrero, Annalisa Magone, Alessia Mazali
Board of  Executive Directors / Annalisa Magone, Mario Montalcini, Paola Mussinatto
Ceo / Annalisa Magone
Auditor / Domenico Pizzala




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